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Well welcome to my photography page....

Let me tell you a little bit about me....

I started photography when i was a child, my parents allowed me to have one of their old wind on Kodak film cameras. But... when i seen that dad had bought himself a Zenit slr i knew then that i would love to have one for my own.

As time passed i went to secondary school at Tavistock College and by the time i got to Sixth Form and doing my A-levels in Art and Design and Biology i was able to get onto a camera course to run alongside the A-level Art... This was fab... i got to learn to load and develop my own film using all the projectors and learning about the chemicals used.

It was amazing to have hands on experience with this equipment and get a feel for photography.

It was much more difficult then to take photographs as you had one chance to get a decent shot, unlike today with digital photography where you can delete and retake photographs until you get the image you want.

Even post editing.... but i try and keep it old fashioned and try to get it right in camera with out the post stages mainly because i don't understand how half the programs work.

Well i hope you enjoy browsing through my images of Dartmoor and the Tamar Valley but... my true heart lyes in wildlife photography and film making so i hope you enjoy these too.

Many thanks for looking



Thankyou for looking over my photographs it would be nice to hear from you please feel free to sign the guest book or get in touch

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